Running with the Bulls USA is an event

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Pamplona, Spain, is home to the annual Running of the Bulls, which is easily one of the most well known tourist attractions and events in the world. This event probably appears on the bucket lists of more people than almost any other tourist attraction around. It is attractive for dare-devils, extreme sportsmen, spectators, history aficionados, and anyone who simply wants to feel alive. However, it is not always easy for people in the United States especially to be able to get out to Europe during the time of year that the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona occurs. This is why Running with the Bulls USA has sought to provide an alternative to individuals based on this side of the world who want to be able to experience the excitement but cannot make it to Spain.

Running with the Bulls USA is an event that is new, but the running with the bulls is actually an ancient sporting event, dating back hundreds of years. What sets Running with the Bulls USA apart from other events, of which there are few to choose from, is that it is an event that is extremely well organized, hosted here in the United States, with access to world class medical treatment very close by. You will not have to deal with suffocating crowds in order to be able to run with the bulls. Instead, you will be able to focus on the excitement of running only a few feet in front of one of nature’s most powerful creatures. Running with the Bulls USA is the opportunity of a lifetime, you can actually run with twelve fifteen-hundred pounds bulls, with horns and everything. There is money to be won, too! In each heat, the fastest runner wins a prize and the grand prize of $5,000 is won by the individual who collects the most running points over the two day event. Buying multiple runs per day will save on entry fees, and you better believe that once you run the event once you will want to run it again.